Online Campaigns

We specialize in getting an audience for your product or service, by giving you a physical on line presence.
Uploading video content to an online host is easy, but if the production values are not there and the content is not right it will loose the company valuable business.

For those of you who don’t know what a ‘You Tuber’ is, allow us to explain; A You Tuber has their own YouTube channel on which they post regular content to an audience of around two million people, and growing. That’s right two million and that’s potentially two million customers for you! A You Tuber is usually their own producer, they think up all of the video content, film them, edit them and upload them themselves. They get to talk directly to their audience, (your customers) and as a consequence have a unique relationship that you don’t find in the world of traditional media. This is where we come in; with our expertise we can create your online video presence with you. You Tube alone gets 1 billion views a day and to gain a commercial advantage it is very powerful.

We can film a company video, keynote speech from the Managing Director, training film or any other material you feel may be of interest to your audience/customers. Our writers will work with you on the content of the film and most importantly make sure the film can be found by titling it correctly and tagging it with relevant comments, including your website URL in the description of each video clip so people can easily link to your site. This will not only help people find your web site but will also enhance your search engine optimization.  Your business may already use social Media sites as a marketing tool such as Facebook. Social media is increasingly being used by businesses to promote themselves, and a video can be good to connect with your audience either by viral circulation or by a direct advert with Facebook that links to your video.